Monday, November 22, 2010

This is where Paddy spends most of his days...

Terrorising the factory!

Bobby has put up barricades to try and keep him contained but it is definitely a mission. I will remember to take a video of him getting around in his walker. He is really really fast... well fast for me anyway.

Mitchell the Ironman Round 1

I don't have any photos but we watched our nephew Mitchell compete in Round 1 of the IronMan series at Currumbin on the weekend.

He came 9th out of 20 ahead of some really big names like Ky Hurst!

We are so proud of him - it was definitely worth a mention on the blog!!!

The next round is 5th December and you can watch it on Channel 10. Make sure you do!

Our Garden

We planted some herbs in our front garden at Crohamhurst.

There is something about putting down solid roots of plants in a rental house that make it feel more like home.

Depending on how they go, expect if you come for dinner something with chives, mint, thyme or parsley in it. Oh and lots of lettuce.

My 30th Birthday

My future little frog in the making!

I had the most awesome day - it was exactly as I imagined it to be. Very relaxed, with everyone enjoying their food and drinks listening to live music. Great way to say goodbye to the craziness of my 20's.

I even snuck in a couple of vodkas when Paddy went to bed and danced away the night with the frogs just like old times.

Thanks everyone who came and made it such a great day.

I am working my charm to try and convince the boys that it needs to be an annual event. I will keep you posted on my progress.