Friday, September 17, 2010

Paddy's First Real Food

Paddy has his first tast of real food last night - a piece of apple.

We are using baby led weaning - the same system that Renee & Adam used when introducing food to baby Amaya. So no rice cereal for this little boy or us having to sit there and spoon feed him. It is just straight into the hard stuff.

He absolutely loved it.

Danny sat with him and ate some apple himself to show Paddy it was ok. Then Paddy got stuck into it and sucked on his two pieces of apple for nearly 20 minutes. We don't know if he swallowed anything but there were little bits taken out of the apple by the end. It was the quietest he had been all day!
The basic theme of this system is that you share what you are eating from your plate with baby. We are heading to the Carnival of Flowers food and wine festival this weekend so I don't think I will be throwing him any curries, brie or Byron Bay organic doughnuts that I intend to eat by the truck load. I think I might pack my organic apples and carrots for Paddy.
It is such an exciting time.
He really is becoming a little person - no more baby Paddy.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Work Wednesday

This is what happens on Work Wednesday when Gram is in Mexico and isn't there to supervise.
Paddy eats ink.

After many baby wipes, force-feeding of breastmilk, sucking on wet towels and a bit of research on google by Troy we calmed down.

The blue stain stayed on his cheek for quite a while though.

Shhhh don't tell Gram!

Polo on Sunday

We went to the 10 goal polo at Ashling in Beaudesert on Sunday. It was Danny's second Fathers Day as we didn't get to go to polo on the actual Fathers Day. Will, Tracy and baby Hugh came with us which was great fun. We got to see baby Jack Rawlings too who is an absolute cutie.

True to form I only took one photo. That was of us driving over the new Gateway Bridge for the first time. Well it is a milestone I guess..

Charlie& Samaya Cook

Paddy's cousins came and stayed with us for the night. Samaya loved Paddy and was really great at singing songs to him. Charlie was too busy checking everything out but every now and then he would pull up, point to Paddy, say "baby", try and give him a kiss and then move on.

They were playing the scary lion game here.

Paddy was not impressed.
Thanks for visiting Kevin, Crystal, Charlie & Samaya. Love you all lots xoxo

The Men in Paddy's Life

He adores his Dad. Loves to wake him up in the morning and wrestle in bed. This little cheeky grin from Paddy is a definite indication of the relationship these two are going to enjoy.

And he has his Uncle Mister and Poppy who are just as loving.

In fact, much to Danny's disbelief, we think Paddy is looking more and more like his Uncle Mister every day. Check out this profile shot.

Musical Talents

He absolutely stopped and was transfixed by the guitar.
And that was with Gram playing.
Imagine what will happen when Uncle Poc starts belting out a tune.

I can sit up by myself..

well nearly. I just need Gram's hand there just in case....

But I definitely can move around a lot more. I started on my playmat....

Rolling over is definitely happening. Am a champion at the front to back rollovers. Just need to master the back to front ones.

Our boy is getting bigger.

Monday, September 6, 2010

James and Angela's Wedding

Meet Mr & Mrs Pedrazinni.

We had a really great Saturday seeing two great friends finally get married - they have been together for years.

The ceremony was at Sienna College Catholic Church and was so beautiful. And the reception was held in a marquee at Angela's parents house in Maleny. Highlights for the night were
: the rockin' band - it was the first time I have enjoyed listening to a covers band in a
loooong time. And they played Master Blaster by Stevie Wonder - an all time favourite.
: the food - salmon and lamb cooked to perfection.
: "God Only Knows What I'd Be Without You" by The Beach Boys sung in a 5 part harmony
with no backing by Lee, Melissa, John, Coleen and Chris. Stunning!
: the speeches were so meaningful. Yes Danny Cook and I cried through the whole thing.
Don't ask Danny about Angela's grandmother - he will start crying again.
: the bridal waltz was Keith Urban - Making Memories of Us. I forgot how beautiful that
song is.
: the complete love that filled the room - sounds cliche but you could just feel it.

The major highlight of the night was we got to go to the reception child free. Yes you heard right - Paddy stayed with Phil, Sal & the girls. We dropped him off at 4:30pm and got back to him at 10:30pm. To say I was upset was an understatement - a mess would probably be the right word. But I had a glass of wine when I got to the reception which calmed me down pretty quickly. Then I got to chatting and dancing - yes I danced with my wine glass in my hand. Ah the memories. Paddy did really well - he slept for most of the time. He went straight onto the boob as soon as I got home which was nice. I am glad I have done it now but don't plan on doing it again anytime soon. I missed him too much!

Overall a great night. The only down side was Danny Cook not having access to any midstrength beers. So was drinking some heavy Japanese beer all night. You all know what that means - luckily we went home early.

James and Angela, it was an honour to be invited to such a special day. All our love xoxo

Maleny Country Fair

We took Ra Ra and Paddy to the Country Fair at the Primary School.

Ra Ra was a bit overwhelmed by it all and after walking around in a daze for an hour finally went on the jumping castle. One of the highlights was getting in some exercise with Danny.

She said her favourite part was the animals at the petting zoo. When I asked her what animal she would like to be she said a pig because they are the funniest and they get to play in the mud.
Love you Ra Ra!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Catching up with Seren and Tilly

I got to spend time with two very special people today. I went to school with Seren and Tilly. We have only recently all got back into contact and today we met at Mary Cairncross Park for a walk through the rainforest and a yap in the cafe.

Seren has been living overseas but last year moved back to Newcastle. Her little baby Penny is 2 months younger than Paddy. It's really cool that we are back in contact at the same time in our lives.

Tilly lives at Buderim but I don't see her nearly enough. She made a mad dash up the mountain to spend time with us. This is her and Seren's beautiful baby girl.

Really, really great to spend time with you both. Would love to be near you both all the time. In the meantime we will be heading to Newcastle for a little visit and taking the short drive to Buderim more often.

Love you xoxo

Work Wednesday

We like it when Aunt Genie comes to work - we get presents!

Troy was over the monkeys and puppies that are all over Paddy's clothes so he sent Genie on a mission to buy Paddy a cool T-shirt.
She completed the mission very successfully we think.

Thanks Uncle Mister and Aunt Genie!

Paddy Milestones

He is starting to sit up by himself now....

And talking to himself in the mirror. Definitely takes after his brother.

5 months old yesterday!

Gympie Muster

Thanks to free tickets that Emily kindly gave to us we went got to watch Peter on Saturday and Sunday of the Muster.
He played with The Davidson Brothers - 8:30am starts of Bluegrass music. We must really love Peter to be that supportive!
He also played Catherine Britt and Stephanie Brownlee.

Peter has come a long way from when we first went to the Gympie Muster to watch him - he was in some little tent at 10am playing with some bloke whose signature song was "Beef, Beef, Beef on the Barbeque". Now he played twice on mainstage. Thank goodness he has progressed in his career!

Saturday night was freezing! Thank you to the Maleny Howards for Paddy's extra warm sleeping bag. It was perfect.

I think on Sunday I made the comment that if I heard the fiddle one more time I was going to kill somebody. Thankfully Thirsty Merc appeared and put on a rockin show!
Great weekend. We aren't too happy that the two music events Paddy has been to have both been country music. Can't wait for Woodford at the end of the year to rectify that!

Good job Peter. Proud of you!