Friday, September 17, 2010

Paddy's First Real Food

Paddy has his first tast of real food last night - a piece of apple.

We are using baby led weaning - the same system that Renee & Adam used when introducing food to baby Amaya. So no rice cereal for this little boy or us having to sit there and spoon feed him. It is just straight into the hard stuff.

He absolutely loved it.

Danny sat with him and ate some apple himself to show Paddy it was ok. Then Paddy got stuck into it and sucked on his two pieces of apple for nearly 20 minutes. We don't know if he swallowed anything but there were little bits taken out of the apple by the end. It was the quietest he had been all day!
The basic theme of this system is that you share what you are eating from your plate with baby. We are heading to the Carnival of Flowers food and wine festival this weekend so I don't think I will be throwing him any curries, brie or Byron Bay organic doughnuts that I intend to eat by the truck load. I think I might pack my organic apples and carrots for Paddy.
It is such an exciting time.
He really is becoming a little person - no more baby Paddy.

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