Thursday, September 2, 2010

Catching up with Seren and Tilly

I got to spend time with two very special people today. I went to school with Seren and Tilly. We have only recently all got back into contact and today we met at Mary Cairncross Park for a walk through the rainforest and a yap in the cafe.

Seren has been living overseas but last year moved back to Newcastle. Her little baby Penny is 2 months younger than Paddy. It's really cool that we are back in contact at the same time in our lives.

Tilly lives at Buderim but I don't see her nearly enough. She made a mad dash up the mountain to spend time with us. This is her and Seren's beautiful baby girl.

Really, really great to spend time with you both. Would love to be near you both all the time. In the meantime we will be heading to Newcastle for a little visit and taking the short drive to Buderim more often.

Love you xoxo

1 comment:

  1. we had a great time seeing you two/too!

    would also love to be around you all the time!

    have been mighty inspired by seeing you! ventured off to spotlight (eek!) and bought some styling new scissors and cut out a pattern for a dress for the Penster! if i can just figure out how the auto button hole foot works.....xoxo