Saturday, October 30, 2010

Paddy burnt his hand

Crusing around the factory he grabbed on to a light and really really burnt his thumb and palm.

After a quick trip to the hospital and some magical burn cream he was all bandaged up and ready to come home.

We refused the offer of morphine! from the hospital and the tough little cookie only had one dose of panadol and one dose of nurofen and he was fine. Slept better than he has in ages!

The blister on his thumb has burst but we still have to keep it wrapped up so it doesn't get infected. It is absolutely not bothering him - he is such a trooper.

We spent some extra time in bed with him after it happened - to try and make ourselves feel less guilty.

I don't think we are going to get the parents of the year award - today he fell on the wood floor and put his new teeth through his lip. So he has a bandaged hand and a fat lip - poor baby.

Rubbery Ducky you're the one...

Caloundra Music Festival

Renee & Adam and Danny and I hired a unit at Caloundra right near the music festival at Kings Beach. The plan was that we wouldn't buy tickets to the festival (waste of money with babies) and that we would sit on our unit's balcony and have our own little party.

Plan was completely ruined when cyclonic winds and rains descended upon the Sunny Coast that weekend. We listened to Powderfinger from the couches wrapped up in blankets - not ideal but definitely memorable.

So being that we were cooped up in a little unit with two babies for the weekend Paddy and Amaya had no chance but to hug each other.

Here is the obligatory bath photo.

Staying with Troy

While we were working full time we stayed with Troy to cut down on travel time.

During that stay I got absolutely addicted to guitar hero.

So did Paddy....

I Love Camping!

Totally unbelievable I know but I have caught the camping bug.

Troy took us all to Double Island for the weekend and it was awesome.

We went up in convoy. Cooper and Cole went with Troy and talked to the truckies on the radio the whole way - "Radio check".

We went in the Paj on it's maiden voyage up the beach.

We found a great little spot and set up on Friday afternoon with the threat of rain.

Saturday it rained a bit but we still got out for a spot of sand taboganning and to visit the gorgeous lagoon. The greatest regret I have of the whole trip was that I didn't have the video on when Cole did his first run down the sand dune - he got absolutely hammered. Poor kid had sand everywhere. One of the funniest things any of us have ever seen!

The boys still went swimming eventhough it was freezing. Other activities included touch footy on the beach, card playing, a bit of Texas Holdem and heaps of marshmallow eating over the fire.

I am putting the call out there. We are heading up to Double Island for our Christmas shut down and would love some company. Let's get organised and get a little camp together - thinking of going up after Christmas and over New Years for a couple of weeks. Let us know!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers

It was super freezing!!

Aunt Deb had a houseful of friends for us to see - Nyree & Tony, Mardi & Brad, Suzie & Anais and Nat & Dale. Can't wait until I can sample the wines with them...

Instead Paddy and I just tried to stay warm.

We went walking in the morning and Paddy had his first try of strawberries. He loved them!

We went to the rugby grand final which was even more freezing!

Great weekend seeing everyone but Paddy definitely is not used to the freezing Toowoomba weather - for that matter neither am I. I think I saw the smile on his face as we drove out of there...

We are still here - with a new addition....

Kelly, our office manager, went to Europe for 3 weeks which meant that Paddy and I have been working full-time for the last 3 weeks. Put that together with a teething 6 month old and there is not a lot of time or energy left over to post regularly. Sorry!

Today was our first full day at home in a long time and one of my top priorities was to start writing on our blog again.

There has been a lot of big events in our time away from the blog. The biggest being our new addition.....

Paddy's two bottom teeth. They came through with only a little bit of fuss. I certainly know they are there when he is feeding - can't wait for the top two to come through....
Over the next few days I will do a bit of a catchup session with what has been going on here while we have been away.