Saturday, October 30, 2010

Paddy burnt his hand

Crusing around the factory he grabbed on to a light and really really burnt his thumb and palm.

After a quick trip to the hospital and some magical burn cream he was all bandaged up and ready to come home.

We refused the offer of morphine! from the hospital and the tough little cookie only had one dose of panadol and one dose of nurofen and he was fine. Slept better than he has in ages!

The blister on his thumb has burst but we still have to keep it wrapped up so it doesn't get infected. It is absolutely not bothering him - he is such a trooper.

We spent some extra time in bed with him after it happened - to try and make ourselves feel less guilty.

I don't think we are going to get the parents of the year award - today he fell on the wood floor and put his new teeth through his lip. So he has a bandaged hand and a fat lip - poor baby.

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  1. Poor little Paddy Cook! Lucky he is such a brave little man. Lots of kisses for him xxx