Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bye Bye Seamons Family

Renee, Adam & Amaya leave today for San Francisco.

Adam is doing an intensive baking course for 6 weeks. They have an apartment near the wharf and while Adam is slogging away learning the heart of artisan baking, Renee & Amaya are discovering San Fran.

They fly into LA and drive up the coast stopping at wineries along the way. Hate them!

We are extremely jealous but really, really happy for them. This was a 2o11 Resolution for Mr Adam and it is all happening.

When they come home they are going to continue being true gypsies and travel Australia looking for just the right spot for Mr Adam to practice the art he has learnt.

They are on Skype if you are looking for them...

We will miss you all sooo much but are truly proud of you guys xoxoxo

P.S - Hope you like the photo - I selected it from the Photo Booth album you guys made. I love it!

When we are bored....

We take photos of ourselves.

Stinky Kid Round II

We are in a super strict routine in an effort to make Paddy sleep better.

That means dinner at 5pm and then bath and bed at 6pm.

So when I heard Danny call out at 4:30pm to help run Paddy's bath I screamed "Noooooo!!!"

Then I saw why Danny decided it was time to buck the routine....

Stinky Kid Round II

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Paddy is Sick!

And is totally the stinky kid at the moment.
So to try and distract him from being miserable we did a tour of the Maleny Dairies.

We got to feed the goats and the poddy calves and play with the chickens. Paddy wasn't really interested in the factory tour - he found a broom and amused himself with that.

And the distraction worked - not a cry for the entire time we were there.
Poor Paddy Cook Cook

The Seamons visit

Adam, Renee & Amaya visited before they head to San Francisco for 6 weeks.

Paddy loved having Amaya around.

They played with playdough....

and blocks.....

had a ride on Poppy's mower....

and Amaya fed Paddy heaps of water....

The Beerwah Pool germs and sharing water bottles led to them both getting a cold and Renee & Adam extending their stay for a few more days until Amaya got a bit better.

Other highlights while they were here..

Mr Adam cooked from Jamie's 30 minute dinners book to test if it really could be done in 30mins. It took him 34mins but there were technical issues with the blender which caused the problems. Piri-Piri Chicken, Roast Potato & Sweet Potato, Rocket Salad and Portuguese Tarts for dessert.

And we celebrated Renee's upcoming birthday with a cake.
We all stayed out a Mum & Dad's for the week and had a busy time with the kids.

Be safe in San Fran Seamons family xoxo

Friday, February 4, 2011

Yes he's a boy

It takes all my will power to not say..."Paddy, get out of the garden, don't eat dirt and stop playing with the dog's water"

I have to remember that he really is a boy and there will be a lot worse than this to come.

He has already sucked on his pooey wipes, eaten dried horse poo, and sucked on the ground in numerous places.

It's time to learn how to chill out now.

Love him xoxo