Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bye Bye Seamons Family

Renee, Adam & Amaya leave today for San Francisco.

Adam is doing an intensive baking course for 6 weeks. They have an apartment near the wharf and while Adam is slogging away learning the heart of artisan baking, Renee & Amaya are discovering San Fran.

They fly into LA and drive up the coast stopping at wineries along the way. Hate them!

We are extremely jealous but really, really happy for them. This was a 2o11 Resolution for Mr Adam and it is all happening.

When they come home they are going to continue being true gypsies and travel Australia looking for just the right spot for Mr Adam to practice the art he has learnt.

They are on Skype if you are looking for them...

We will miss you all sooo much but are truly proud of you guys xoxoxo

P.S - Hope you like the photo - I selected it from the Photo Booth album you guys made. I love it!

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