Sunday, January 23, 2011

I cut my hair short!

I was going to go blonde but decided I would chop it off instead.

The first night was a night spent apologising to my husband for making myself look like a boy.

But after some retail therapy buying cute little studs and hairbands, the look is slowly starting to grow on me.
Maybe in a few weeks I might even start to like it....

But for now you only get the photo of the least puffy side.

Michael put on Leigh's 50th at the races on Friday night. We had a nice dinner with all the family and two of Leigh's closest friends. Terry, Jane and Harry came and even Uncle Douglas drove up from Gatton.

Paddy was very excited to see his buddy Cole and played with him and Rommie all night. Who needs a babysitter when I have these two.
This was the only photo I took all night - hopeless.

I should have taken a photo montage of the demise of Kevin - the first two races he was on cloud nine when he backed the winners. By the end of the night he had to break the news to Crystal that he desperately put $50 on the nose of a horse that came second last in the last race of the night. He reckons he came out even...yeah right!

Happy birthday Mary-Leigh. We love you lots and lots xoxo

Dowling Christmas/ Patricia's Farewell

Issie, Lily & Grace - Good job looking after the little ones cousin Issie!

Kate hiding her Dowling inherited double chin behind Mum

Dookie, Georgie & Peter - the rose between two unsmiling thorns!

Coralie, Mathew & Claire

Brett & Danny always seem to end up at the bar together

Emma and Harry the unit. He isn't even 2 years old yet!

I left my camera behind when we left - Kate managed to capture the rest of the night's activities for me

Damn we missed the party!

We got together at Coralie's to say Merry Christmas to each other and goodbye to Patricia who is heading back to Vanuatu. Unfortunately she got stuck at Gympie in the floods so we didn't get to see her.

Here are some photos of everyone. Flynn and Debbie came along. I haven't seen Flynn in years and years so it was great to catch up. The other highlight was Kate teaching me the ins and outs of pool which proved to be a lot more fun than I thought.

I love Dowling catch ups. Resolution 2011 - have the Dowling cousin get together we have been talking about for ages.

Fun with Dad

Dad is slowly becoming way more fun than Mum.

He feeds the horses with Danny each afternoon. He even points to the hay shed and won't let up until you have given the horses some hay. Him and Danny then sit on the fence and watch the horses for ages.

The other day Paddy's car seat got transferred into Danny's ute and they went for a trip giving me some time to catch up on sleep. Danny said he smiled the whole way - he could see Skipper in the rearview mirror and watched her the whole time.

And the mower - boy does he love the mower!

This is why I am lucky I had a boy first. I am slowly starting to see the light of independence at the end of the tunnel. Woohoo!!

Paddy's Morning Ritual

This is a morning ritual for Paddy.

He wakes up by standing up in his cot and banging on the door. Then he goes in to Daddy for a cuddle and a wrestle in bed.

Then he sucks on the "orange thing" - a dodgy reading light from the $2 shop that worked for about one page.
He loves it! Very strange but very cute that he has established a little ritual for himself already.

My Boys

This was a Christmas morning activity.

You couldn't wipe the smile off Paddy's face. He is such a boy!!!

Yamba Trip

After a full on Christmas Yamba was exactly what the doctor ordered. A week of purely relaxing in Renee & Adam's house - a place where you walk in and feel instantly peaceful. Our crew soon created the usual whirlwind but days of morning walks, cooking, eating, craft planning (no actual crafting done though) and playing with the kids was awesome.

The trip down with Paddy was pretty good. We stopped off at a great little pub (I can't remember the name now..) for lunch. Cole was awesome at entertaining Paddy for the trip - good job Cole Miller!
We got spoilt with food - Renee's condensed milk ice-cream was a huge hit.
The popcorn maker even got a run.

New Year's Eve we (well Mister Adam) packed a seafood dinner and headed to the park. Cooper and Cole managed to spend $50 in record time at the fair - I think it was about 20 minutes. Then when all the money was gone they resorted to cricket.
We had the tunes playing and great food on our picnic blanket. Pity about the massive amount of green ants but that kept us on our toes.
Amaya and Paddy didn't quite make the fireworks so we headed home and when the babies were in bed we bought the new year in playing board games. Renee & I even got to have a glass of champagne.
Our 2011 dreams were declared - let's hope we all get to do the things we dream about in 2011.

We got a tour of the country around Yamba while we were there and now Danny Cook and I are dreaming of moving to a green farm in northern NSW. C'mon Iphone App!!!!

Christmas 2010 Wrap Up

We had a full on Christmas this year.

Worked up until Christmas Eve and that night went out to Mum & Dad's for the famous ham. Had a lots to eat and played Texas Hold Em. Cooper Cook was the champion!!
Santa bought lots of presents. Cooper was a bit confused when he got a packet of popcorn fromSanta but all became clear when the popcorn maker was unwrapped.
Best present from Santa for Paddy was his smiley face ball.

Cooper picked up some skateboard accessories - orange wheels, stickers and a helmet. The wheels later proved to be duds and had to be replaced in Yamba with bearings.
Paddy scored lots of noisy musical instruments, clothes and the best one of all - a batman suit from Uncle Mister. It is still be to christened but I am sure it is going to be a huge hit. He looks like Troy, is left-handed we suspect just like Troy, I am sure the love of Batman is genetic and is also going to be passed on by Troy.

After breakfast we headed to Kevin & Crystal's for Christmas Lunch. They live in a big, open house at Twin Waters so there was heaps of room for the kids. Maybe too much room when Paddy went over the edge in his walker and scraped his face. Christmas Day wasn't the same after that for Paddy and I but Dad had a good time.
We missed the push-up competition this year - winner was Mitchell Miller and the other highlight was that Danny beat one push-up!

I also suspect I let my camera unattended. Mikayla and her Blue Steel impression..
Paddy got some great presents too including this camping chair from Nanna. You can also see the Christmas shorts Mum made for him and the little Christmas singlet to go with them. So super cute xoxo
We headed home Boxing Day morning and that night Mathew and Kimberley arrived and so did Peter. We ate and watched the disappointing Ashes test for two days.

Then we all - including Peter - headed for Yamba to see the Seamons.....

Remind me to read this post next year when we try and do too much for Christmas again!

Paddy's Teeth

We now have 5 nearly 6 teeth.

No Bonjela and No Panadol - oh and NO SLEEP!

They are coming thick and fast now!

Paddy you are a champion xoxo

Friday, January 14, 2011

Little Ray of Sunshine

This idea has been in my head for ages and the floods provided the perfect opportunity for me to get off my butt and do something about it.

I would love for you to hop on board our new little project and help out the flood victims....
I won't say what I will do to you if you don't!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Remembering Valerie

We lit a candle for you today.
May your soul be at peace.
Gone but not forgotten