Sunday, January 23, 2011

Christmas 2010 Wrap Up

We had a full on Christmas this year.

Worked up until Christmas Eve and that night went out to Mum & Dad's for the famous ham. Had a lots to eat and played Texas Hold Em. Cooper Cook was the champion!!
Santa bought lots of presents. Cooper was a bit confused when he got a packet of popcorn fromSanta but all became clear when the popcorn maker was unwrapped.
Best present from Santa for Paddy was his smiley face ball.

Cooper picked up some skateboard accessories - orange wheels, stickers and a helmet. The wheels later proved to be duds and had to be replaced in Yamba with bearings.
Paddy scored lots of noisy musical instruments, clothes and the best one of all - a batman suit from Uncle Mister. It is still be to christened but I am sure it is going to be a huge hit. He looks like Troy, is left-handed we suspect just like Troy, I am sure the love of Batman is genetic and is also going to be passed on by Troy.

After breakfast we headed to Kevin & Crystal's for Christmas Lunch. They live in a big, open house at Twin Waters so there was heaps of room for the kids. Maybe too much room when Paddy went over the edge in his walker and scraped his face. Christmas Day wasn't the same after that for Paddy and I but Dad had a good time.
We missed the push-up competition this year - winner was Mitchell Miller and the other highlight was that Danny beat one push-up!

I also suspect I let my camera unattended. Mikayla and her Blue Steel impression..
Paddy got some great presents too including this camping chair from Nanna. You can also see the Christmas shorts Mum made for him and the little Christmas singlet to go with them. So super cute xoxo
We headed home Boxing Day morning and that night Mathew and Kimberley arrived and so did Peter. We ate and watched the disappointing Ashes test for two days.

Then we all - including Peter - headed for Yamba to see the Seamons.....

Remind me to read this post next year when we try and do too much for Christmas again!

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