Sunday, January 23, 2011

Michael put on Leigh's 50th at the races on Friday night. We had a nice dinner with all the family and two of Leigh's closest friends. Terry, Jane and Harry came and even Uncle Douglas drove up from Gatton.

Paddy was very excited to see his buddy Cole and played with him and Rommie all night. Who needs a babysitter when I have these two.
This was the only photo I took all night - hopeless.

I should have taken a photo montage of the demise of Kevin - the first two races he was on cloud nine when he backed the winners. By the end of the night he had to break the news to Crystal that he desperately put $50 on the nose of a horse that came second last in the last race of the night. He reckons he came out even...yeah right!

Happy birthday Mary-Leigh. We love you lots and lots xoxo

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