Sunday, January 23, 2011

Yamba Trip

After a full on Christmas Yamba was exactly what the doctor ordered. A week of purely relaxing in Renee & Adam's house - a place where you walk in and feel instantly peaceful. Our crew soon created the usual whirlwind but days of morning walks, cooking, eating, craft planning (no actual crafting done though) and playing with the kids was awesome.

The trip down with Paddy was pretty good. We stopped off at a great little pub (I can't remember the name now..) for lunch. Cole was awesome at entertaining Paddy for the trip - good job Cole Miller!
We got spoilt with food - Renee's condensed milk ice-cream was a huge hit.
The popcorn maker even got a run.

New Year's Eve we (well Mister Adam) packed a seafood dinner and headed to the park. Cooper and Cole managed to spend $50 in record time at the fair - I think it was about 20 minutes. Then when all the money was gone they resorted to cricket.
We had the tunes playing and great food on our picnic blanket. Pity about the massive amount of green ants but that kept us on our toes.
Amaya and Paddy didn't quite make the fireworks so we headed home and when the babies were in bed we bought the new year in playing board games. Renee & I even got to have a glass of champagne.
Our 2011 dreams were declared - let's hope we all get to do the things we dream about in 2011.

We got a tour of the country around Yamba while we were there and now Danny Cook and I are dreaming of moving to a green farm in northern NSW. C'mon Iphone App!!!!

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