Sunday, April 15, 2012

so far in pictures....

Danny started a vege garden - here is our fist lettuce

Danny got a new car - it's the BOYS car apparently
Extra bonus is we can lock Paddy in the tray

Christmas came and went - we decorated the tree with all handmade decorations and Nanna & Gram to help
We spent Christmas Eve at home eating and drinking with Uncle Poc
Christmas Day was spent at Troy's house with the Knights family
Boxing Day to Toowoomba for an O'Leary catchup
Day after we headed to Woodford for our week long amazing Woodford adventure which renewed my spirit and forced us to relax. Truly amazing week.

a visit from Renee & Amaya

i discovered instagram

big boy sitting at the table with us - no more highchair

first lick the bowl experience.... and there has been many more since

we spent lots of fun time with Uncle Poc

it rained and rained and rained

our first giving bowl donation - 5 toiletry bags for the homeless in Caloundra

Gram & Poppy made Paddy this horse for Christmas
It is his favourite toy and he must have his hat on before he rides it

Danny and I started sharing an office at work
So far so good.....

toilet training began
so far not so good.

Danny's brother Michael got married

we said goodbye to a true friend Mr Fitz
only way to properly say goodbye to him was with a dog trial display and a mini-campdraft at Mr & Mrs Fitz's home
a truly sad time

and I started on this journey.

Friday, November 18, 2011

My birthday weekend at Double Island Point

Mum & Dad, Troy and Danny & Paddy and I all camped for the weekend at Double Island Point. The weather was perfect and it was an awesome relaxing 4 days.

This is us heading off in the car....

Mum & Dad got to take the jalopy.

This is our campsite - complete with Troy's DC sign.

This is where we spent most of our time - the most beautiful lagoon I have ever seen. Paddy played on the edge of the water - lots of digging - Troy did some snorkelling and Dad did some fishing.

Uncle Mister became the favourite over the weekend - mostly because he let Paddy dig up the sand and throw it all over him.

My favourite view from our campsite - my three boys and the water.

Next year I think we need to expand our camp - so lock it in now and come and camp with us for the weekend.

Glow Sticks in the Bath

Danny does bath time and has said he needs some new toys - bath time is getting boring.

Thanks to Pinterest (my new addiction) I found this idea. Paddy loved it and it was really calming too which always helps.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Wallabies got the Bronze

World Cup is a big deal in our house. Our lives revolved around when the Wallabies were playing - at least this time it was on free to air so we didn't have to visit our Foxtel friends every weekend.

Paddy and I made a sign to cheer on the Wallabies for the semi-final game - we even blew up green and yellow balloons.

Caloundra Music Festival

We had a great time - spent the weekend in a unit.

Saw Icehouse, Diesel, Thirsty Merc and heaps of others - even a band playing gypsy disco music....

Who says I don't find anything cool at Garage Sales...


Paddy loves Gram & Poppy's

Paddy goes to my Mum & Dad's every Tuesday when I go to work.

He absolutely runs that house.

He loves sitting in the recliner....


and shooing Poppy's chickens.