Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Work Wednesday

We aren't against child labour at Hawko

Playing with Uncle Mister in his office

We don't get much achieved on work Wednesday, especially when catnap Paddy only has two short sleeps of 45mins each. But at least it gets us out of the house.
Hope your day was a good one xoxo

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See

I see the blanket my Aunt Ren made for me, looking at me.

Isn't it great. The bottom half hangs in Paddy's cot and he loves talking to it through the day. It really is a part of our every day routine.

It was inspired by cousin Amaya's favourite book and now we have a copy of our very own. We read it a lot through the day to try and keep Paddy occupied. He is starting to grab hold of the pages too.
We just want to say thank you Aunt Ren for making Paddy such a beautiful blanket xoxo

Sunday, July 25, 2010

What we have been up to....

We haven't been blogging much lately - the main reason being Paddy deciding to get his two top teeth early. They haven't come through yet but are causing many sleepless nights. He is now waking up every half an hour from 1am onwards. Not fun. But we have still been able to fit in a few things....

Paddy got a couple of new contraptions

A Bumbo

And a Walker

Paddy went to his first concert. Pity it was the concert of some dodgy 17 year old country singer. But he got to see his Uncle Poc play. He absolutely loved it.

Today we went to Rohanne's 21st lunch. It was a really relaxed day spent with family which was perfect. Here are the beautiful Knights family.

We have broken the TV ban for the Masterchef finale. We can now add another positive to having no TV in the house - we don't cry anywhere near as much. We are both sitting here blubbering over Callum and Adam. Ridiculous!
Looking forward to a week of a little more sleep

Monday, July 19, 2010

Emily & Scotty Are Back

And they came to visit for the weekend. There was much jealousy on our part when we heard about their adventures. They both look so well and we are really happy they are home. We missed you guys. You can only do that again if we can come too!
Of course Paddy got super spoilt. He loves his Aunt Emily and Uncle Hotty.
We had a very lazy weekend. I caught the gastro bug from last weekend spent with the O'Leary's so things were a bit slow for a few days. Lots of this.....

Joe, Tess & Tyler Darcy came for a visit on Saturday morning. They gave us the James Taylor autograph that Joe got at the concert the night before Paddy was born. It's all done up in a frame and is so special to us. Tyler got a little sit on Georgie which I'm not to convinced he was that excited about.

We discovered the Beerwah Hotel on Saturday night - great spot with Sunday arvo sessions in the beergarden.
I employed Emily as my 30th Birthday Festival co-ordinator. Stay tuned for that....
But mostly we just caught up and spent time together again which I think we have all missed.

We finished up the weekend with a little but of Sunday Afternoon Footy.
This is why we don't have TV in our house....
Aren't my boys beautiful!

It was so nice having you back. Wish we were closer but at least we are in the same country again. Love you both lots and lots xoxo

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Our beautiful goddaughter Chelsea

Chelsea came for a visit. She is 8 months old now and just perfect. The happiest little girl who can sit up by herself now and crawl around. You never heard her cry - oh except one time... a bad poo incident but I would have cried too.

And I think Paddy may have found himself a girlfriend....

Oh Luke & Erin came as well - let's face it, when a baby is involved Mum & Dad don't really matter anymore... Only kidding guys. Unfortunately they were both struck down with a bug for most of the time they were here. Well Erin was, I am not sure if Luke's was caused by this.
A late night drinking session with Danny until 4:30 in the morning. Mum's and Babies were less than impressed but we were all expecting it to happen. And yes that is red wine....

Jennifer and Dan O'Leary came and stayed as well which was really great. Jennifer handed out her mum advice which I eagerly took on board - including sucking on XXX mints to get rid of Paddy's wind. I have one in my mouth all day now - let's face it if you only listen to one person's mothering advice it would have to be the women that has had 9 children right?!
Dan beat us all on the Wii - except he got smashed by Danny in the tennis. I'm sure there will be a rematch.
Thanks for making the effort to visit everyone xoxo

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Paddy's First Giggle

He likes playing rough and tumble

Saturday, July 10, 2010

In Bed

This was how I left Paddy when I went to answer the phone.

I could hear him talking to himself so I didn't rush back in.
Probably should of.....

This was how I found him. I felt terrible that he may have fallen off the bed but he was having the best time talking to himself.

The strangest positions are always the best ones aren't they.

So cute!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


We have been lucky enough to have some great visitors come to say hello to Paddy over the past few days.

On Saturday Uncle POC or Peter Cooper arrived. He was up rehearsing with "the next Australian Taylor Swift". It was great that Paddy finally got to meet Peter. He is playing with Catherine Britt at Gympie Muster on the Sunday afternoon so we are thinking that might be Paddy's first music festival. Anyone who wants to come along let me know....
Unfortunately no photos..... Whoops!

On Sunday the beautiful Margo & Renee came for a visit. They are two great girlfriends I made when working at USQ. We are now all in seperate places so them coming to visit was a huge effort. They bought Paddy a cool outfit and noisy cement truck which he will love I am sure. Margo is an avid follower of the blog so I can't believe we didn't get any photos. But here is a photo of Renee calming Paddy down after a drive in the car. She is an absolute natural Mummy - well one day anyway.
Thanks for the visit guys. It was super special xoxo

And then on Monday Kylie, Dom & Noah came for a visit. Kylie and I went to school together. We caught up again at our 10 year reunion and have tried to keep in touch. She lives in Melbourne, was up here on holidays and made the best effort to drive out and see us. Her two boys, Dom & Noah, just loved the big yard and got to feed the horses with Danny. This is a photo of Noah playing with Skipper who he absolutely loved. Kylie's next item on the agenda is to get a dog for this boy.

More visitors this weekend.... Luke, Erin and our beautiful goddaughter Chelsea are coming to stay. Can not wait to see them again and for Paddy to meet them all.

Cooper & Cole's School Holidays

So my attempt to get Cooper to blog about his holidays didn't work. Apparently he does enough of that at school. I even tried to bribe him with pizza.......
So this is me telling you all about Cooper & Cole's school holidays.

The main event was exploring our new place.

They first set off on foot....
I told them that they had to report back to the house after 2 hours. "Oh really Natalie! Can we go again once we come back in 2 hours?" Sure I said.
Mum, Paddy and I were pottering around the house and who should walk in 40 mins later.....
Apparently there were a lot of snakes.

Then Dad got home and they all went exploring on the horses. This is Day 1 of horseriding

This is Day 2.
Things got a lot more serious - as you can see the hats came out. But the most amazing thing was that Cole actually woke up Cooper at 7am. For those of you who don't know Cole he is the best sleeper in the world and has never before been awake before Cooper. Cooper has been known to pour water over Cole's head to wake him up in the morning.

When they got back Danny taught them to trot in the arena.
This is Cooper trotting.....

And Cole trotting....

They both picked it up straight away. Danny is dreaming of putting them through an intensive horseriding and polo course next holiday so we can have little polo stars and start making money off them. Dreams, dreams haha....

In between all of this there were many games of Monopoly - yes Cole absolutely smashed us.

There was movie watching with Nanna. They were spoilt and got to watch two movies in one day - Good on you Nanna!

Other than that, lots of Wii World Cup Soccer and Rugby. The boys struggled a bit with the idea of no TV but concessions were made for the AFL and Friday Night Footy. They might have snuck in a little extra viewing when I was in bed but I am trying not to think about it.

All of us together was just perfect. Can't wait for next school holidays!! And yes Cooper you will be blogging!