Monday, July 19, 2010

Emily & Scotty Are Back

And they came to visit for the weekend. There was much jealousy on our part when we heard about their adventures. They both look so well and we are really happy they are home. We missed you guys. You can only do that again if we can come too!
Of course Paddy got super spoilt. He loves his Aunt Emily and Uncle Hotty.
We had a very lazy weekend. I caught the gastro bug from last weekend spent with the O'Leary's so things were a bit slow for a few days. Lots of this.....

Joe, Tess & Tyler Darcy came for a visit on Saturday morning. They gave us the James Taylor autograph that Joe got at the concert the night before Paddy was born. It's all done up in a frame and is so special to us. Tyler got a little sit on Georgie which I'm not to convinced he was that excited about.

We discovered the Beerwah Hotel on Saturday night - great spot with Sunday arvo sessions in the beergarden.
I employed Emily as my 30th Birthday Festival co-ordinator. Stay tuned for that....
But mostly we just caught up and spent time together again which I think we have all missed.

We finished up the weekend with a little but of Sunday Afternoon Footy.
This is why we don't have TV in our house....
Aren't my boys beautiful!

It was so nice having you back. Wish we were closer but at least we are in the same country again. Love you both lots and lots xoxo

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