Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cooper & Cole's School Holidays

So my attempt to get Cooper to blog about his holidays didn't work. Apparently he does enough of that at school. I even tried to bribe him with pizza.......
So this is me telling you all about Cooper & Cole's school holidays.

The main event was exploring our new place.

They first set off on foot....
I told them that they had to report back to the house after 2 hours. "Oh really Natalie! Can we go again once we come back in 2 hours?" Sure I said.
Mum, Paddy and I were pottering around the house and who should walk in 40 mins later.....
Apparently there were a lot of snakes.

Then Dad got home and they all went exploring on the horses. This is Day 1 of horseriding

This is Day 2.
Things got a lot more serious - as you can see the hats came out. But the most amazing thing was that Cole actually woke up Cooper at 7am. For those of you who don't know Cole he is the best sleeper in the world and has never before been awake before Cooper. Cooper has been known to pour water over Cole's head to wake him up in the morning.

When they got back Danny taught them to trot in the arena.
This is Cooper trotting.....

And Cole trotting....

They both picked it up straight away. Danny is dreaming of putting them through an intensive horseriding and polo course next holiday so we can have little polo stars and start making money off them. Dreams, dreams haha....

In between all of this there were many games of Monopoly - yes Cole absolutely smashed us.

There was movie watching with Nanna. They were spoilt and got to watch two movies in one day - Good on you Nanna!

Other than that, lots of Wii World Cup Soccer and Rugby. The boys struggled a bit with the idea of no TV but concessions were made for the AFL and Friday Night Footy. They might have snuck in a little extra viewing when I was in bed but I am trying not to think about it.

All of us together was just perfect. Can't wait for next school holidays!! And yes Cooper you will be blogging!

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