Sunday, July 25, 2010

What we have been up to....

We haven't been blogging much lately - the main reason being Paddy deciding to get his two top teeth early. They haven't come through yet but are causing many sleepless nights. He is now waking up every half an hour from 1am onwards. Not fun. But we have still been able to fit in a few things....

Paddy got a couple of new contraptions

A Bumbo

And a Walker

Paddy went to his first concert. Pity it was the concert of some dodgy 17 year old country singer. But he got to see his Uncle Poc play. He absolutely loved it.

Today we went to Rohanne's 21st lunch. It was a really relaxed day spent with family which was perfect. Here are the beautiful Knights family.

We have broken the TV ban for the Masterchef finale. We can now add another positive to having no TV in the house - we don't cry anywhere near as much. We are both sitting here blubbering over Callum and Adam. Ridiculous!
Looking forward to a week of a little more sleep

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