Monday, June 28, 2010

Lynnie's Birthday Festival

Renee, Adam and baby Amaya arrived on Wednesday night to kick off Lynnie's Birthday Festival. Isn't she beautiful!

And they bought with them lots of presents. This is Gram reading Paddy is first book

Thursday was Mum's birthday. We all bought her an IPad. She had to share the present opening duties....
Mr Adam made beautiful lamb shanks for Mum's birthday dinner (if anyone has Cook with Jamie you need to try the lamb shanks recipe...)

Paddy played with Aunt Ren and got read lots of stories - Brown Bear is sure to be a favourite.

Saturday was Lynnie's Birthday Luncheon. Renee and I got the house to ourselves to prepare a feast - Mister helped with making the pasta. Renee dusted off the pasta machine I purchased 3 years ago that has never been used. Will be sure to use it now - the pasta was beautiful!

Lunch was outside in the glorious sunshine - you never would have thought we were in the middle of winter.
We finished off the meal with some Singstar action - there are the Seamons family busting out a classic.

Danny was playing polo all weekend so he didn't get to join us but pulled out Brown Bear when he got home.

Sunday was a lazy day - started with Poets Cafe at Montville for breakfast. Sunday night we dressed Mum up in her Montville outfit to head out to dinner with friends while the 3 kids + husbands ate Chinese and reminisced. Well Renee & Troy did - I can't remember a bloody thing!
When Troy left and the babies were fast asleep we played Singstar until late in the night. For the record we did smash Danny Cook on a number of occasions - the most memorable smashing was Danny and Mr Adam singing A Girl from Mars. It was a shocker but Mr Adam pulled through with a win!

We said goodbye to the Seamons and hello to Cooper who arrived today. He has already done all the jobs with the horses, set up Paddy's toys in the car and is now beating his Dad on the Wii. He will be guest blogger for the rest of his stay (something I am still trying to convince him to do.....)
I'll finish this off with some amazing Paddy news - he loves his high chair! He does lean to the side a bit but had a great time for his first run. Let's hope it's a winner when Mummy wants to get dinner on......

What a great Birthday Festival Lynnie!!! We love you xoxoxo

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