Saturday, October 30, 2010

I Love Camping!

Totally unbelievable I know but I have caught the camping bug.

Troy took us all to Double Island for the weekend and it was awesome.

We went up in convoy. Cooper and Cole went with Troy and talked to the truckies on the radio the whole way - "Radio check".

We went in the Paj on it's maiden voyage up the beach.

We found a great little spot and set up on Friday afternoon with the threat of rain.

Saturday it rained a bit but we still got out for a spot of sand taboganning and to visit the gorgeous lagoon. The greatest regret I have of the whole trip was that I didn't have the video on when Cole did his first run down the sand dune - he got absolutely hammered. Poor kid had sand everywhere. One of the funniest things any of us have ever seen!

The boys still went swimming eventhough it was freezing. Other activities included touch footy on the beach, card playing, a bit of Texas Holdem and heaps of marshmallow eating over the fire.

I am putting the call out there. We are heading up to Double Island for our Christmas shut down and would love some company. Let's get organised and get a little camp together - thinking of going up after Christmas and over New Years for a couple of weeks. Let us know!!

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