Monday, September 6, 2010

James and Angela's Wedding

Meet Mr & Mrs Pedrazinni.

We had a really great Saturday seeing two great friends finally get married - they have been together for years.

The ceremony was at Sienna College Catholic Church and was so beautiful. And the reception was held in a marquee at Angela's parents house in Maleny. Highlights for the night were
: the rockin' band - it was the first time I have enjoyed listening to a covers band in a
loooong time. And they played Master Blaster by Stevie Wonder - an all time favourite.
: the food - salmon and lamb cooked to perfection.
: "God Only Knows What I'd Be Without You" by The Beach Boys sung in a 5 part harmony
with no backing by Lee, Melissa, John, Coleen and Chris. Stunning!
: the speeches were so meaningful. Yes Danny Cook and I cried through the whole thing.
Don't ask Danny about Angela's grandmother - he will start crying again.
: the bridal waltz was Keith Urban - Making Memories of Us. I forgot how beautiful that
song is.
: the complete love that filled the room - sounds cliche but you could just feel it.

The major highlight of the night was we got to go to the reception child free. Yes you heard right - Paddy stayed with Phil, Sal & the girls. We dropped him off at 4:30pm and got back to him at 10:30pm. To say I was upset was an understatement - a mess would probably be the right word. But I had a glass of wine when I got to the reception which calmed me down pretty quickly. Then I got to chatting and dancing - yes I danced with my wine glass in my hand. Ah the memories. Paddy did really well - he slept for most of the time. He went straight onto the boob as soon as I got home which was nice. I am glad I have done it now but don't plan on doing it again anytime soon. I missed him too much!

Overall a great night. The only down side was Danny Cook not having access to any midstrength beers. So was drinking some heavy Japanese beer all night. You all know what that means - luckily we went home early.

James and Angela, it was an honour to be invited to such a special day. All our love xoxo

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