Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mini Holiday @ Curramore

Our power decided to fail so we had a mini holiday at Gram & Poppy's house. It was wonderful!

It rained the whole time but Paddy loved being out under the umbrella so that's how we kept him entertained.
He had lots of time playing with Gram and Poppy. So much so, when we got back home I had to retrain him to play by himself.
During the short minutes that it didn't rain we were able to venture outside and Paddy got to feed Poppy's cows and Poppy's chickens. He loved it so much - whenever we ask him where Poppy's chickens are his little head pops up. Maybe Paddy can convince Danny to get us some chooks.
And we got the obligatory laundry tub bath photo.
Dad and I learnt to make meringue and home-made mayonnaise. I spent a lot of time in the kitchen cooking the meat that we rescued from our freezer and with babysitters to play with Paddy it was bliss. A really great mini holiday.

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