Monday, April 11, 2011

Danny's "Around the world in Beer" Birthday Party

Saturday afternoon was Danny's birthday party. Deb and I came up with the concept of going to 10 different countries in beer - everyone bought a carton from the country they were assigned and I cooked food from each different country. We stood at the start of each country and raised our beers to the national anthem before we ate and drank.

We flew through the first 4 countries and then hit Italy. Will bought along a bottle of sambuca and an Italian trivia game with the people getting the questions wrong having a shot of sambuca. Let me just say we aren't too flash with our Italian trivia.

So then Mexico came along and Sal made a pinata with Danny Cook's face on it. I beat the bejesus out of it which was heaps of fun.

Needless to say the wig did the rounds especially after we visited Italy.
We missed our flight to the last country - Ireland. Probably a good thing as we had Irish Whiskey lined up for that one.

Really great afternoon with really great friends. Happy Birthday Danny xoxo

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