Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter this year we went out to Kym & Bill's in St George. I think I said to Kymmie that it was the first time I had been out there and thought it was beautiful. It really was.

The Rockleys were there too so it was a big Staines family reunion.

Apart from eating a lot!! we went to the Flinton Races. A highlight for Paddy was when Dad picked him up to see the horses gallop past.

Easter Bunny came and bought Paddy some trucks - deliberately forgetting to pack the chocolate. Lucky for Paddy, Poppy had bought him a chocolate bunny!
Another highlight was a dusk cruise of the Balonne River with heaps of nibblies and some champagne as well.
Really really great Easter thanks Kymmie and Bill!!

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