Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lynnie's Birthday

For Mum's birthday we surprised her with a trip to Melbourne. Renee, Adam and Amaya were there and we spent 4 days together. Troy had a work trip down to Melbourne too so we were all there.

It was Paddy's first plane trip too. He did good but I made the decision to fly business class next time!!!

We ate at Mr Wolf - Karen Martini's pizza restaurant and at Masterchef George's restaurant for breakfast on Lygon Street. Best meal for me was a cafe on Bridge Rd in Richmond for breakfast. Really yummy!!
We saw an AFL game which was really awesome. Definitely do that again - Paddy loved it.

We nearly missed our plane home and with way too much shopping to fit in our already crowded suitcases and a screaming baby we ran to the flight. So were buggered by the time we got home.

Love Melbourne!!!

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