Saturday, November 5, 2011


We did have fun despite the unexcited faces in this photo

Peter got us camping tickets this year so despite the weather warnings we took the camper trailer up for the weekend.

Friday was a great day - we watched Peter and Paddy had a really awesome time kicking his ball around in the ampitheatre.

Saturday during the day was great - then the rain came. We got back to the camper on Saturday night to unzip the canvas and step in a pool of water. We slept dry but the next morning we bailed. A tractor had to come and pull us out.

Gram & Poppy looked after Paddy the next day and Danny and I went up to watch Peter with Catherine. We thought we would check on the camper trailer - this is what we saw. That's us all alone with the blue canvas.

Eventful to say the least!

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